Set your Sails and Go into the World

We all have dreams. And dreams are meant to  to be lived. Going abroad and travelling the world was one such dream of mine.

One day I knew it was time. So I took the reins into my hands – and set out into the world.

Many times people ask me how I did it. In the same breath they tell me that they always dreamed about going abroad but considered themselves too afraid of doing it. Instead of enjoying the itch and digging deeper into their dream they drown that exact dream with their doubts the moment they think about it.

I dedicate today’s post to the doubter and waverer inside all of us. If you find yourself eaten by doubt and dragged by fear, it is time to breathe some fresh air. This is for you.

Setting Sails

How did my journey start?

Fairly simple: By doing one first step. I decided to set out into the world and bring my life with everything I was at that time to a halt. I wanted a break from life and embrace Life.

Before you set out for a journey you may not know the course. Know that I also did not know my course. Yet that does not matter. The only thing that matters is your destination. Once you know where you want to go, Life will guide you exactly to where you want to go. And if you don’t know where you want to go, knowing where you don’t want to go can be just as important. Every situation you come into, be it better or worse in your eyes, will be the best situation you can be in at that very moment.  In every moment Life wants to teach you something – embrace it and listen to its whisper.

Truth be told my destination was Life. I set out into the world to become Life’s best student. As I was trying to shoot for the stars I landed on the moon.

Going into the World

Going abroad I met  the most inspiring people I was fortunate to cross my path with. A big majority of people you meet travelling and living abroad are the positive people: people who speak of opportunity, people who are hungry for the world. People who settle for nothing but the best. Many of these people became close friends of mine and I would not trade our friendship for anything in the world.


Going abroad I saw places of beauty I never thought I would see in my life. Places of colour and variety that were so vibrant, their beauty sang right to my heart. The moments that took my breath away were infinite, yet showed they all to me what Life has in it.

Going abroad I made experiences I would not have made staying home. The world embraced me with arms wide open. Shaped in light, I got molded by Life.


Going abroad I can truely say: I’ve found my better self.

Of course, sometimes times can get rough. But if I’m given the choice to have rough times back home or in a different country lying under palm trees at the beach savoring the richness of Life I always would choose the latter. Wouldn’t you?

Embrace the Lessons of Life

1. Decide for your dream and simply do the first step. It’s always easier than you think. Speaking for myself, it was simply attending an information evening of a travel agency. Compared to the fear I had before doing this first step, the rest took care almost by itself.

2. Don’t spend your life waiting, but spend your life living. Don’t wait your dreams to be lived, because they will not be realised on their own. Your dreams are nothing without their best ingredient, they are nothing without you. You are the gold and it is you who makes your dreams shine.

Decide to live your life living and to you everything will be given. Do the first step and life will take care of you – if you are willing to.

6 thoughts on “Set your Sails and Go into the World

  1. WOW!!! So much blessed here to be one of your friends 🙂 I was inspired to travel more…hope with you my friend 🙂

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